Saturday, February 9, 2008

Welcome...I"m busy packing

Busy packing up the house in Boulder so not much time to write- nor much excitement to write about, but wanted to welcome folks to my new blog. As a novice blogger, I'll do my best to share my adventures as they unfold but I have learned that 'tis better to have new adventures than to just sit around and write about the ones you've already had.

I arrive in Melbourne a month from today, so until then, my posts will be short- just something to let you know where you are so you know you've found it. And maybe a few words on my South East journey across the states...all the better to compare and contrast the US when I get down under.

Till next time,

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Sarah's Parties said...

Yeah! I'm the first one to comment. I'm sure I'll speak to you before you leave, but just in case, have a wonderful, wonderful, drive across country and flight across the world! I'm adding your blog to my blog!