Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ghosts in Texas

We managed to get through Texas pretty quick. Left Santa Fe after our fabulous meal at Pasquals (I had eggs with plantains, peas, feta, tomatilla sauce and more and it was delish!) and drove a short 11 hours (plus the one hour time change) to just South of Fort Worth to a lovely Motel 6 (aka 666) in Corsicana, apparently home to a large penitentiary. When checking in, the motel 6 proprietor informed me that he was familiar with Boulder thanks to the works of his favorite author, a Mr. Stephen King. He then shared with me, in his slow Texas drawl coupled with a slgihtly creepy look on his rather rotund face, that he and friends were in a ghost-searchers club. Luckily, he assured me, he'd checked our room and there weren't any ghosts here at the Motel 6. My guess is ghosts have slightly higher standards! The feeling of the accommodations was eerily like the final scene from No Country for Old Men, but luckily we escaped without any glimpses of Javier Bardem with a bad haircut or the ghosts his character left behind!

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Sarita Bonita said...

Um - ghosts are awesome. I once paid more to stay in a hotel in New Orleans that was haunted... I never saw the ghost though. :(