Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back in 2010!!

Hey everyone!

My last blog was in July so it's been a while. But, as I am about to start school (Master of Public Health at Melbourne Uni- part-time while working full time) seems like I'll need a procrastination tool because really, the flat can only be so clean.

So thought I'd resurrect this old thing and try to give you some reading material now and then.

First- School. I decided that since I've found myself in this Health Education field, I might as well find a way to do more direct service. I applied to two program and chose the Melbourne Uni one because they have more courses on Women's Health. My concentration is International Health and eventually I'd love to work with adolescent girls in immigrant communities-- or something. I've certainly never been one to set too many careeer goals or to follow a straight path so we'll just see how it goes.

Work is being very supportive, giving me time off each week to go to class. I was admitted to a Commonwealth Supported Place which means, as I interpret it, that the Queen is available to help me with my assignments, but I can't seem to get through at Buckingham Palace. But it does cut the fees which are already quite reasonable compared to US Master's programs.

My first class is an intensive block course, meeting for 35 hours in one week, starting on February 8. That's international adolescent health and I'm very excited for it. You can expect my next blog post when I'm working on the take-home exam!

Switching gears so I have an excuse to put up some pictures, we had a lovely holiday season--did you? I spent my birthday at Grampians National Park, camping with my husband, Hanna and Alon. These so-called mountains aren't exactly like Rocky Mountain peaks but it was still nice to wake up to crisp air and see views of hills dotting the landscape. And it was the first time I ever had kangaroos hop through the campground at dusk (Sorry no photos but trust me, it was pretty cool!)

We did a 5 hour hike (guess who was bringing up the rear for a change) to the pinnacle lookout on Boxing day and then relaxed a bit more the next few days, with a picnic by a lake, a short walk to a waterfall and a bike ride to round out our holiday.

I'll start small with this post but will do my best to write more regularly...enjoy!!

Some pictures from the Grampians:

Birthday girl and hubby at the campsite (we obviously have different temperature controls!)

View from the top of the Pinnacle...we made this toursity hike twice as long by starting from town instead of from the Pinnacles Car Park...because we are SUPER_RUGGED!

and that night- pretty tired!

By the waterfall- Hanna and I did a whole photo shoot but I'll spare you all of our Tyra moves.

At our picnic by a lake these birds were watching our every bite. They reminded me of Sam the Eagle from the muppets.

Hanna resting after our gourmet antipasto picnic. Yum!

And this was one our bike ride (after Adi took a wrong turn up a very steep hill and we had a bit
of a tif before I got to navigate to the proper trail!