Friday, July 10, 2009

Boring Blog 'bout Beautiful Boulder- aka SUE & CARLA ROCK!

I had a few days between the conference in Vegas and my departure to Italy so it was time to visit my beloved Boulder. The last time I was in Boulder, I was in a full car, heading east (just after my very first blog post) getting ready for a leap of faith life change. At the time, I don't think I realised how much I'd miss the little hamlet...actually, I'm not sure I knew how much I missed it until I caught a glimpse of the mountains as my plane touched down.

It was a whirlwind trip, where I felt constantly like i was running late and out of time to see everyone I wanted to touch base with and eat at all my favourite spots.

Wendy met me at the airport and whisked me to the newest of the Mountain Sun Pbus, this one in Denver, where i had a delicious house-brewed root beer. YUMMY! She dropped me at Sue's (one of my maidens d'bride) where I spent my first night, staying up way too late having a good goss. Thursday, I went for a run in the cute highlands neighbourhood before seeing my friend Marily for lunch. Marilyn and I have known each other since my first job in Boulder, when I played the life-size DOLL and taught kids about conflict resolution. It was great to catch up. I rushed to boulder, did some shopping and had a quick hello to Linda @ the JCC before meeting Sarah for racquetball and a vague notion that something had happened to Michael Jackson. Little did I know, as I was rushing across town to see Jody and her daughter, that this is the topic that would dominate the airwaves for the next...welll, how long has it been?

Then it was time to go to Kim's and meet her beau, Brian, and we all went to a yummy southwestern meal at Zolo, delicious although they did change their menu on me. Mado and Josh met us for a drink and of course, the topic of conversation was Michael Jackson.

After crashing @ Kim's I hit the Y- now fully refurbished- where my old boss has left me a pass- so I could have a workout before i saw Carmel and Josh for brekkie. Drove downtown and parked at my old duplex which was the last holdout but now it too has fallen to the trophy home developer. Walked around pearl street, reminiscing until I met Karen, (my boss from the Y) for a burrito at Illegal Pete's. Then I caught up with Carla (my old housemate and current bridesmaiden) and we did a little hike before dinner. I was exhausted so after some more television devoted to speculating about MJ's death, I crashed.

Saturday was rushed with a quick run along the raging Boulder creek and a short stop on Edinboro drive to say hi to the neighbours (the tenants weren't around but the house is still standing) and then it was time for the highlight of the shower.

Carla and Sue throw a great party and I highly recommend them if you are in the market for attentive and generous bridesmaids! IT was at Sue's house and was a potluck brunch- as Carla knows, one of my favorutie meals. Everyoen brought the recipie they'd made so I can pass it along to Adi to recreate! There were folks from all different times in my life- a Brown friend who is now in CO, the girls from the JCC and Hebrew High (aka the Boulder Jew Crew), women I've travelled and walked with and more. Carla and Sue had organised a few knowledge of Adi is suprisingly lacking but I guess we have the rest of our lives to fix that...and it was a great day that made me feel extra special.

Spent the day hanging with Sue and Steph before heading out in Denver and meeting up with Falbo and Huttner, 2 boys from my Brown days. The best line of the week might have been Huttner, eyeing Falbos' thick locks after about 10 years of not seeing each other-- "it's been a long time dude. You have a lot of hair".

I know this isn't the most interesting of blog entries but for me it was a great, albeit far too short, visit back to a town that still holds a big place in my heart. From the sunny weather to the flatirons, gentrified pearl street to SOBO, it was good to be back. Below, some photos...and next blog I promise will be more substantive...for Florence here I come!!!

My cute little dumpy duplex, transformed

Boulder Creek was raging!

Amy, Nina, Shannon, Sue and Stacey enjoying shade @ the shower

Jojo and our littlest shower guests with Carla prepping for the games in the background

Steph, Malinda, Carol and Kim enjoying the shade

The furriest guest at the shower
The Boulder Jew Crew


The fabulous hostesses and bridesmaids, Sue and Carla!

Brown Boys Falbo and Huttner

Out with Sue and Steph

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