Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Around the World Brings Me Back to Blogging

My new running shoes are getting spoiled. I know what you're thinking:Sheryl, you haven't posted in 5 months and you're talking about smelly sneakers? But these are brand new running shoes and so far, they have run alongside a raging Boulder creek up Boulder canyon and today, over cobblestoned streets and around the Duomo in Firenze.

I know, I never told you about Palm Cove, Kangaroo Island or our engagement party. But to be fair, I did promise not to talk about wedding planning so that's kept me quiet for a while.

But since I'm being a nomad from my upside down life, it seemed appropriate to take the opportunity to say a quick hello.

My job is responsible for my first (I hope not last) around the world ticket, with stops in 3 continents in 3 weeks before I return to Melbourne on 12 July. Given my passion for travel, this is exciting to say the least. We (in addition to my boss Deb I'm travelling with her niece Abbie) left Melbourne on June 18 and after a brief stop through customs in LA, went onto Vegas.

Vegas, especially for those who don't drink or gamble, is kind of a stupid city. This was my first visit to Vegas without either Phish or the Dead (though my second time with someone named Abbie/y) and I had a very different perspective this time around. I will concede that it is an infinitely better spot for a conference than perhaps Cleaveland or Indianapolis, but it really is a silly place. With it being Deb's first time in the US, I was very conscious of how America must look. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and enjoyed the beaches and wave pools, all the while I was telling Deb that this is not what most of America is like!

A highlight was Blue Man group as well as the conference. The conference was the Association of Standardized Patient educators, with the term standardized patient being basically synonymous with simulated patient. My favorite part was a workshop on moulage techinuqes...which taught me how to make my SPs look battered, burned and bruised. I've included some photos!:

Ow, I cut my arm. Its bleeding.
It's oozing.
And I got punched in the face too.

Even if this isn't stuff I can use at work, I'm sure my nephew will love it!

Another great part of the conference was getting to see my former boss and collegaue Jen and Melissa, from CU. If nothing else, the nights we hung out and talked both shop and gossip (not to mention went to a great hole in the wall sushi place) were the most fun I had in Vegas- well, sober!

Jen, Melissa and Me.

After the conference, while Deb and Abbie went to NYC I had a stop in Colorado for the first time since my deaprture. Three days is not enough time to see 12 years worth of relationships but I had a great time! Those stories to come soon...ciao!

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Ellen said...

Hi there! Nice to hear from you. That's some impressive faux arm bleeding. Trying to think about how I might put a technique like that to good use. Could get me out of work early one day.

Glad you are out and about, and what do you mean Vegas is not a microcosm of America? I mean, come on.