Thursday, September 25, 2008

Off the soapbox and onto the Cape

Have you ever been so behind on something you just keep avoiding it and avoiding it until you are even more behind. I'm assuming most of you--other than my father, probably- can relate. I'm blogging now about the end of August and trying my best to avoid any new experiences here in Oz so I don't get further behind. I'm finally biting the bullet and writing about my North American trip.

But first, one final comment about the previous blog...the feedback I got was primarily positive, at least from my generation. The criticisms came more from my parents and (one) of their friends so I find that interesting. Maybe its just that I can pick my friends but not my family! Though I would pick my parents' friends so it might just be a generational thing. Or people who knew me back when I was always (even more often, anyway) on a soapbox. I really have mellowed in my old age!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that my main point was that if we ALL, myself included, thought a little more about the choices we make...if you want to turn on the A/C then don't use disposable water bottles, if you want the water bottles, then wash dishes by hand, want to use the dishwasher, then drip dry your clothes, etc. etc. - if we all made a few sacrifices to our comfort then we might all have more resources to enjoy the world..and the rest of the world might not have such disdain for our lifestyle. Though when Sarah P is screaming"Drill drill drill" in one of our most beautiful natural places, the rest of the world has a right to look upon us disdainfully!But if I was going to blog about my thoughts on Sarah Palin, we'd all be bored and I'd get more behind so...

enough of more politics (for now). When I last wrote, I was in North America and thats where this story picks up.

The week on the Cape (or as Adi says, "in the Cod") was lots of fun. Josh and Lucy are babies no more but little people with strong opinions and likes and dislikes (fire trucks and princesses are some likes for J and L respectively, listening and being away from her stuffed Grover are some dislikes. Oh, and everyone hates getting sunscreen put on!).

The weather was perfect and our house was much better this year. Mostly because Josh and Lucy had a door to their bedroom. Too bad they knew how to open it. Mornings were filled with getting ready to leave for the beach and we had fun playing in the sand once we (finally) arrived. Josh was into his fire engine red bike and took numerous trips on the nearby bike path and both kids went in a canoe for the first time. Josh went a step further, following in his "Pa"s footsteps and went on a sailboat, but luckily protected his nose from the boom.

We ate lobsters and lots of ice cream. Josh and Lucy learned to use nature's toilet, though Lucy has to work on her disceretion. She took to annoucing in the lake-- I have to go pee pee. Andthen she took off her bathing suit bottoms to do so.

I took a long solo bike ride out to the National Seashore. We watched some olympics coverage. Mostly, I hung out with my cute niece and nephew and showed them pictures of Adi on the compuer (because they kept asking!) The only complaint I had about the Cape was the multitude of Red Sox nation gear, but I taught Josh a good way to react to the omnipresent "B". He's scream Yankees as we walked by. Too bad we mostly got sad, pathetic glances. Oh, how things have changed.

Other highlights of my trip to the states included a work visit to the Wilson Centre in Toronto. This is the flagship Simulated Patient program in the world and I learned a ton of stuff about their program and training as well as about the projects they do. They have 18 people at the centre hadnling all the various aspects of job and I was jealous! They were so generous and welcoming and I would like to return to see some of their projects in action. I really wanted a USB for my head to soak up all the knowledge they were giving me.

Upon my return to NY I was excited to meet up with Wendy from CO who used my visit as an excuse to visit her New York office. I saw the Yanks lose one last time in Yankee stadium which would have been less painful had Wendy not been there as she is a Sox fan (and yet we're friends anyway, take note Israelis and Palestenians, Russian and Georgians, Shia and Sunni!) Saw a fabulous production of Hair and even got to dance onstage at the end with my friend (Adi's cousin) Rachel. Still waiting for all of those NY agents to call. Also met the Mayor that night, but the highlight was dancing onstage..sorry dad.

Labor day weekend my friend Kim from CO was in town, also paying homage to Yankee stadium with her dad. She joined Wendy and I Saturday night and the three of us took the boat ride to see the NYC waterfalls. An interesting concept, especially for 3 CO girls used to seeing nature in more natural places.

Saw Marisa on Sunday and we had our own adventures and then Labor Day went to my Aunt and Uncle 's in CT to see my cousins and play with Josh and Lucy once more.

This leaves out the details of my frequent trips to Target and Old Navy, taking advantage of the reverse season sales.

All in all, good times back in the states, and since photos tell a better story, I'll leave you with those:

(and since I won't write again before next week, L'shana Tovah to all!

Here's Joshie playing in the sand:
And Lucy at the playground:

After a long day of playing, they crash out on the sofa:
This was the best part of every day (if you ask Lucy!):
But I liked story time even more!
Back in NY, with Wendy and Kim:

And here's a short (3 second) video of the waterfalls:


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Using a dishwasher may be more energy efficient. Here is an article about it:

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