Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Posting

Thanks to all who sent their condolences after my last posting. I appreciate the thoughts as does my family. And it’s nice to know I’m not writing into a vacuum (comments posted ON THE BLOG would also make me feel that way:-) The best part was all those Red Sox fans writing “Go Yanks” in their emails to me. Nothing like some emotional manipulation to get you to cheer for your enemy!

So, what I was going to say…

As the days get shorter, I get more and more settled into my new life. It’s almost as though it's not that new, although last weekend marked only my 3 month anniversary (mes-iversary?) down under.

My weekday schedule is more predictable than it has been in years. I've been hitting the gym fairly regularly before work and then get to my desk (not too early, mind you) and eat brekkie as I start my day.

I got up really early on Wednesday last (5:30AM) in order to get to a spin class at the gym. The only AM classes they have are at 6:45, although I'd prefer a 7:30 option as it means I don’t have to get up as ridiculously early. But if I don't go to a class in the morning, I just don't go. It wasn't as difficult as I'd feared, though the bikes have smaller and harder bike seats that I'm not used to, so my bum (that's Aussie for ass) was pretty sore for a few days. And I must admit, while the classic rock was okay, I missed the KBCO- style spin classes I took in Boulder. Suppose I'll have to save Sarah McLachlan cool downs for my running days.

Once a week, I meet with my trainer who is VERY different than Katie, my trainer friend in BoCo. Katie, for example, never complained to me about how she frequently ended relationships with great guys because they weren't "well-endowed" enough. Given that I'm fairly laid back, this information doesn't bother me; however, it does seem an odd thing to discuss with a new client (I mean brand new- -this confession came about 7 minutes into our first session!) She has also detailed how she and her friends have a technique they use on first dates, wherein they inspect their date's parts. She calls it a CSI: a "C--k Size Investigation". I appreciate this because I love a good pun, but again, not entirely appropriate at 7:30 in the morning on your second meeting.

And I don't love how she keeps saying "Oh you're working so hard, Sheryl. Soon you'll be thin and then you'll be pretty" because, frankly, 1) thin is really not a realistic goal and 2) I'm pretty now!

But she makes me laugh and makes me work out so I'm sticking with it.

Work is still going well. The first round of OSCEs- the exams with lots of SPs in use- are this week so it’s my first real "test". We'll see how it goes. My boss is still really cool and I really love my office mates, though I'm moving offices- off campus no less:-( - in a few weeks. I'll miss the girls but the person replacing me is a pompous ass of a faculty member so they'll likely miss me more!

I'll be interested to see if an incredible natural phenomenon that I've witnessed will take place at the new office as well. Now, I look out over beautiful deciduous trees whereas my view will be changing to a concrete car park. Last week, I was shocked and annoyed to hear the familiar peck-peck-pecking sound of a woodpecker. Many of you know that I've fought woodpeckers outside my home office in Boulder for a few years. I'm fairly confident it is the same little pecker and think I'll contact National Geographic about the amazing migration patterns of this annoyance. Hedy pointed out that I should find out what kind of visa it has, because hopefully, it will be gone in 90 days.

And in celebration of the old adage that you get what you pay for...and a revisiting of an earlier blog, I've included a photo of the oven mitts I bought at the $2 shop when I first arrived. Turns out, even though they match the colours of our feature wall, they're flammable :-)

I’m also including some pictures from my first Aussie Girls’ Night Out. Five of us went to see Sex and the City. In the interest of staying spoiler-free, and to avoid offending any producers, should they find their way to my blog and want to develop a new HBO series, I will keep my opinions (and there are some strong ones!) to myself. But the cosmos were good and the company was better!

Look, Sarah Jessica is drinking with us!

Hanna and Helen

Maria and Helen and Carrie

All the girls: Dinesha, Hanna, Me, Maria and Hels


ellen said...

Your presence at grandpa's funeral was palpable...thanks for writing.

your descriptions of life down under have been so vivid, I feel as if I have been there to visit (which is on an agenda). Keep thinking about publication..
much love to you and Adi.

tante e

KCN said...


So sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I'm sure he was so proud of you and so happy to know how happy you are!

Loving the blogs---keep 'em coming!


Patrick and Melissa said...

Ladies night out sounds like fun! Also, I just wanted to confirm the fact that you are beautiful! Your trainer is crazy, though she does sound like a riot!

Sheryl said...

Thanks for your comments everyone- makes me feel read, which for a writer is something akin to feeling loved! Aunt Ellen- I'm open to publication as soon as a publisher is interested...I'm happy to compile an anthlogoy of all of my travel writing...anyone, anyone? P&M..thanks for the kind words. I might not be at my most beautiful DURING my training sessions, but thanks, I agree. But she is hilarious so I'll put up with it! Tell everyone in NICA I say hi!

Perfectly Pooped Puppies said...

Hi SC!
I love your blog, keep them coming! I check all the time but no so great on leaving comments. I am very impressed that you had a girls night out already. I feel like I wouldn't even have any girlfriends yet! You are amazing! And you LOOK fab!

Kim said...

Sheryl, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I loved his comment about a presidential bid - very sharp-witted! Thanks for adding the great pictures - your girls' night looks like so much fun! I also saw the movie last week so we'll have to compare reviews over email. I'm also super impressed that you went to spin class that early. Your trainer sounds entertaining, albeit a bit racy for that early in the a.m. Take care and continue having fun!!

Sheryl said...

Hey Jasper,
I bet you'd have lots of friends cuz you're such a cute puppy. Also, don't forget that I've just appropriated a lot of Adi's friends-- Helen, for example, is Adi's cousin David's wife. And Hanna is the sister of his good friend Daniel. All Skifitsn. Maria is kind of my friend, though I met her through Nat and Toby...in any case, if you came down under now, I'd be your friend!!! xxx

HK said...



Sheryl said...

month in Spanish = el mes. And year in Spanish = Ano. So instead of anniversary, it was mesaversary...not that they speak Spanish here...but that was my logic...sounded better than monthiversary...